The EcoSociety is working with West Coast Environmental Law to seek corporate accountability from Big Oil so that they pay their fair share of climate costs.

Communities all over the world are now facing climate change head on and local governments are forced to use taxpayer money to prepare for it. Global Big Oil and gas companies all the while profit and continue to pollute the planet.

They have contributed to over 30% of the total greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and have known about the extent to which this would cause chaotic climate change for decades.

It's time for a new converstaion about who should pay for climate costs. We are calling on our local governments to initiate this new conversation by writing to the Big Oil companies and demanding that they pay their fair share.

We want our West Kootenay communities to join the likes of other BC communities in sending letters; Victoria, Saanich, Colwood and District of Highlands.

Want to get involved? Why not sign up to volunteer or send your local government a letter.



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