This morning the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision giving a green light to the development of the Jumbo resort.[1-3]

The decision removes a key barrier to Jumbo going ahead, and is a devastating blow to the Ktunaxa First Nation, who brought the legal case based on their cultural and religious rights. The Jumbo valley, or Qat’muk, is the dwelling place of the Grizzly Bear Spirit, according to Ktunaxa spiritual beliefs. Building a mega resort there would be a desecration.

Today’s court decision also flies in the face of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which requires “free, prior and informed consent” for projects like Jumbo. The Ktunaxa have given no such consent - in fact, they’ve been opposing it every step of the way.

We don’t know what the proponent of the project - Glacier Resorts Ltd - will do next. But if we’re going to keep Jumbo wild, we have to be ready.

Today we’re launching an urgent appeal to make sure we can move at a moment’s notice, and do everything we can to stop the Jumbo resort from ever being built.

Click here to donate $50, or whatever you can manage, to our Jumbo campaign fund.

The EcoSociety has been fighting to keep Jumbo wild for years. We’ve stood in support of the Ktunaxa First Nation, and we’ve worked closely with partners across the region like our friends at Wildsight. We took the provincial government to court to oppose the sham Jumbo Resort Municipality - the infamous "Town of Nothing" - and we’ve played a key role in building the grassroots opposition to this undemocratic, and environmentally devastating project.

There are still many obstacles facing Glacier Resorts Ltd in its efforts to get this project built. It needs a new environmental certificate, after the BC Minister of Environment declared that construction on the project had not been “substantially started” in 2015.[4] Glacier Resources could also try to reduce the size of the project to below 2,000 beds to skirt the regulations.[5]

From building community opposition, to media campaigns, to going to court again if we have to, we need to make sure our team has the resources we need if Glacier Resorts Ltd tries to move forward.

Please click here to donate to our Jumbo campaign fund today. Our small, efficient office team and growing grassroots community across the Kootenays will make sure every dollar goes a long way.

Together, let’s keep Jumbo wild. Forever.


With hope,

Matthew, Nicole, Erin, Rory, and the whole EcoSociety team



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