This morning the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision giving a green light to the development of the Jumbo resort.[1-3]

Never heard of Advanced BioCarbon 3D (ABC3D)? Not surprising! This new start-up is just gearing up to burst onto the market with their sustainable plastic. Now, I know those two words don't sit right together for most of us, but hear me out. ABC3D is pioneering plastic derived from waste wood products, and the result is a biodegradeable, high performance, water-resistant 

We need the Kootenays to phase-out fossil fuels and be on 100% renewable energy in all sectors no later than 2050 in order to do our fair share to prevent the worst climate impacts of carbon pollution, like drought, floods, and other extreme weather events.

How and what we eat makes a big impact on our planet and our community. Farming practices have a direct impact on soil, water, and wildlife, while food storage and transportation makes a big impact on our carbon pollution.

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